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Great App That Organizes Your Life


Millions of people use Any.DO to organize everything they do in a simple and elegant way.
Get Any.DO all your devices to easily stay on top of just about anything…

I’ve downloaded apps similar to this one but the Any.Do App is extraordinary indeed!
Simply to use, sleek transitions as well as displaying that clean modern look.

Check it out! My App Pick of The Week —

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LiveProfile App

Here is a useful App for everyone to try and the best part is that it’s FREE!

The great thing about this app is you can send text messages, photos and videos without it affecting your data plan. Another feature which is useful is you can update your status on LiveProfile, Facebook and Twitter. Please note I have only tested it on the iPhone, so the set-up may be different on the other smart-phones. The cool thing about the Add Friends feature is it can scan your address book and see who already has a LiveProfile account or you can invite your friends. It also allows you to search your Facebook friends and will display any of your friends who have the app.

This LiveProfile App is very well designed and on the iPhone has a smooth transition switching to different tab options. An app worth downloading especially when it’s free.

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HootSuite Just Got Better!

I love the fact you can schedule your tweets, it makes Social Media Campaigns that much easier and has the function to shrink your links already built inside the program. Running out of time? Don’t worry, HootSuite also saves what you’re writing as a draft. Another important feature that is a time saver is that you can add and handle multiple stream accounts such as: Facebook, Facebook Page, LinkedIn, WordPress, and more!

Twelve reasons to use HootSuite for your Social Media Campaigns:

  1. Multiple Networks
  2. Team Workflow
  3. Track Statistics
  4. Multi-Stream View
  5. Tabbed Layout
  6. Manage Followers
  7. WordPress Integration
  8. Message Drafts
  9. Customize Urls
  10. File Uploads
  11. Schedule Tweets
  12. Twitter Lists

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Whatsapp a new mobile messaging app which is available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. The app does run on your 3G/Edge internet data or Wi-Fi plan. This innovative app allows you to send video, images, and voice note recordings to your friends, family or colleagues. Save on your plan as there is no cost to text your friends or family using the WhatsApp. This fabulous app also allows you to chat with your friends in other countries and you get zero charges as long they have the Whatsapp installed on their phone. Even if you turn off your cell phone, Whatsapp will save your incoming messages offline and will retrieve it for you once you turn the app back on. Lastly, you’re are able to block contacts, share your location, custom notification sounds, email chat history, and send a broadcast messages all at once. Whatsapp is one everyday app you will be using.
**** Out of FIVE.

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